Department for Training and Improvement of Teaching Staff   

DIRECTOR: Associate Professor Florian ROATIŞ, PhD
76 Victoriei Street, 430122 Baia Mare - Romania
Tel: +40262-218132

    The Department for Training and Improvement of Teaching Staff within the North University of Baia Mare was founded in 1996 as a unit capable of ensuring the psycho-pedagogical and methodical training of higher education graduates who opt for a teaching career.

    As an educational unit, DPPD organizes and ensures:

   • Initial psycho-pedagogical, methodical and practical training for students from departments with didactic profile, as well as for those with non-didactic profiles, who intend to follow a teaching career.              

     At present, the psycho-pedagogical study programme aimed at obtaining the graduation certificate for the DPPD is structured on two modules of 30 credits each (according to the Order of the Ministry of Education nr. 4343/17.06.2005).

    The first module is organized during the first three or four years and is completed with a graduation certificate, giving the right to temporarily work as a teacher.

    The second module is organized (starting in 2008) after obtaining the Bachelor Degree until taking the tenure examination, and is completed with a graduation certificate which conditions the registration for the tenure examination.

    At the same time, until 2008, a complete, unique module is organized, which ensures the graduation certificate necessary for those who embrace a teaching career. It contains the psycho-pedagogical training activity for higher education graduates – only for the fields of study existent within the North University of Baia Mare – who intend to work as teachers or already work as teachers and do net yet have the graduation certificate for the pedagogic module.

   The continuous professional training programme, as “supplier”, contains:

               -  organizing tenure, first and second degree examinations for those fields of study accredited by the Ministry of Education and Research: Romanian, English, French, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Informatics (tenure), primary school teachers, educators;

               -  improvement programme DOCENDO DISCIMUS for teachers (two modules, 60 credits);

               -  improvement programme EURODIDACTIC meant for institutors, primary school teachers and educators (30 ECTS).