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Ubul FÜGEDI1, László KUTI1, József VATAI1, Tamás MÜLLER1, Ildikó SELMECZI1 & Barbara KERÉK1
1Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary, 1143 Budapest, Stefánia út 14., fugedi.ubul@mfgi.hu


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Background and anomalies always need to be viewed together: the background is the non-anomalic range of concentrations. All geochemical regions have their own background for all elements. In Hungary we have separated four geochemical regions with different characteristics of young, unconsolidated sediments. The first of them has no specific element association: the concentrations in it depend on weathering factors and on the element concentrator phases (clay and ferrous minerals). The second (Central) region is characterised by regular lime accumulation; all the other components are crowded out. As a result of the weathering of the basic-ultrabasic rocks of the Eastern Alps in the third (Western) region relatively high Fe, Co, Cr and Ni contents are found. The fourth (Eastern) region is not a unique area: it consists of the floodplains of the rivers arriving from the Transylvanian ore mining areas and the northern heavy industrial centres. These floodplains are contaminated by basic, ferrous and precious metals. In countries having more characteristic metallogenic provinces more and more different geochemical regions must be distinguished. The background ranges could be determined only for the geochemical regions one by one, not for the entire countries.

Keyword: geochemical anomalies, background, erosion, deflation, carbonate accumulation, mineral exploration

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