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You are here: Home » Latest Issue » Volume 12, 2017 - Number 2 » ASSESSMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY IN LACU SĂRAT AREA (BRĂILA COUNTY, ROMANIA)

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Iolanda-Veronica GANEA1, Carmen ROBA1, Delia GLIGOR1, Anca FARKAS2, Ramona BĂLC1 & Mircea MOLDOVAN1
1Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering, 30 Fântânele Street, 400294, Cluj-Napoca, Romania: ganea.yolanda@yahoo.com, robaacarmen@yahoo.com, delia.gligor@ubbcluj.ro, ramona.balc@ubbcluj.ro, mircea.moldovan@ubbcluj.ro
2Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of Biology and Geology, 1 Kogălniceanu Street, 400084, Cluj-Napoca, Romania: farkasanca@yahoo.com


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Lacu Sărat resort is located in Chiscani village, 6 km from Brăila town (SE of Romania). The spa is known for its natural curative factors like the mineral water from the lake, the sapropelic mud and the stimulating steppe bio-climate. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the quality of environmental factors and the impact of anthropic activities developed in Lacu Sărat area. A total of 42 samples were collected in order to analyze physico-chemical and chemical parameters such as dissolved ions and heavy metals. The radioactivity was evaluated based on 222Rn and 226Ra activity. The study results showed no exceeding of the maximum permissible limits for heavy metals in any of the analyzed soil samples, while the water samples collected from lake showed high levels of Pb, Cr, Ni, and NO2- exceeding in some cases the limits for waters used for bathing/balneological purposes. The dominant ions from water samples are Cl-, SO42-, Na+, Mg2+. Radon and radium levels were within the limits recommended by international forums. The sapropelic mud was rich in Fe, Zn, and Ni. Ammonification was found to prevail, while denitrification occurred at low levels, especially in the water phase. The potential of local microbiota to degrade diesel compounds was high, mainly in soils not directly contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons, with increased levels of nitrites and nitrates.

Keyword: Lacu Sărat, mineral water, sapropelic mud, balneary tourism, heavy metals, microbiota

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